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Eve Cortes is a seasoned HR Leadership Coach and Head of HR at HBI, where she oversees 11 properties nationwide. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in Human Resources, she has honed her expertise in the HR field and the intricate dynamics of corporate culture.

Certified as a Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (ICF-accredited), Eve employs a transformative coaching approach grounded in the Energy Leadership methodology. This unique method delves into the root causes of challenges, facilitating the transformation of the energy that drives thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The ultimate outcome is a harmonious and joyful way of life.

Eve’s holistic approach, integrating mind, body, and spirit, empowers her clients to attain clarity, confidence, and alignment in their personal and professional lives. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability, peace, and empathy distinguishes her as an outstanding figure in the HR and coaching domains.

As the Envoy of Human Resources Specialist for Sustainable Development Corporations with the esteemed NGO Committee on Private Sector Development, Eve is on a mission to ignite transformative change across the private sector. Success, in her view, lies in companies wholeheartedly integrating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their business models not out of obligation, but out of a genuine desire to make a positive impact. It’s about organizations that go beyond the status quo, actively embracing sustainable practices, mindful leadership, and innovative strategies.

Eve is not only dedicated to fostering change within organizations but also to educating and uniting communities worldwide in the pursuit of sustainability. Her vision is of a harmonious, interconnected world where organizations, communities, and individuals collaboratively work towards lasting, positive and sustainable change.

In essence, Eve’s mission is to empower organizations to lead in sustainability, champion the greater good, and drive global impact. Success, to her, is the resounding echo of this mission throughout the private sector and communities across the globe. Through her own venture, Eve Cortes Coaching LLC, she offers top-tier HR consulting services and leadership coaching, enabling organizations to cultivate cultures of sustainability, inclusivity, and mindful leadership.

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